Briar Rose Design

Glasgow based, covering all of Scotland

If you are looking for non-traditional, sustainable or wild flowers, you’ve come to the right place!

Mel uses predominantly Scottish grown wildflowers to create floral designs that tell stories – through colour themes, scents or individual components. Throughout history, flowers have been used in folklore, traditional medicine and even as a secret language in Victorian times. Every floral design from Briar Rose Design takes into account these narratives to create a new tale of their own, and all wedding flowers come with their own wedding story explaining these symbolic meanings.

Mel is passionate about working with other local suppliers in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and adores creating wild flower arrangements which mirror the seasons.  All designs by Mel are foam free and, as much as possible, use Scottish grown materials from her very own cutting garden or other local growers.

Melanie takes inspiration from the changing seasons, stories and artworks and is expanding her cutting garden to try to reach 80% Scottish grown designs. Where possible her unstructured, dreamy style uses traditional and environmentally friendly practices which complement the natural beauty of the wildflowers and foliage she uses.

Photos by Hayley Palmquist (Main), One Big Picture (1), Green Antlers (2), Fotomaki (3, 5, 8), McGlynn Sisters (4, 6), Elemental (7), Claire Juliet Paton (9)

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