Salt & Sauce

Aberdeen based, covering all of Scotland

Salt & Sauce is a collaboration between chef, Chris Tonner and bartender, Adrian Gomes, whose wedding feasts, BBQ hut and street food inspired eats have been going down a storm (“Wow, wow, wow…!” is a typical testimonial left by their couples!).

Together they approach weddings with a relatively blank canvas, working towards their couples’ vision and applying their collective food and drink experience to deliver a service that’s second to none. Chris creates the mouth-watering menu while Adrian serves up the perfect “sauce” (booze!) to match.

If you love the idea of sharing platters and bowls of delicious home-cooked food being passed around while stories are swapped over the table, then Salt & Sauce could be the one for you. And just wait ’til you see the desserts…. So. Much. To. Love.