Planet Flowers

Edinburgh based, covering all of Scotland

Planet Flowers’ striking installations are always designed around each individual wedding and theme. Listening to their couple’s ideas and dreams enables them to pick up on even the smallest details, turning them into a unique, wonderful style of their own.

With an ever-changing supply of vessels and props, which they love using in distinctive ways, the highly creative team are forever pushing boundaries and exploring new, enchanting designs for each one of their weddings.

From topiary Disney characters to orchids strung from the ceiling, they never fail to take our breath away. It’s little wonder that if there’s a celebrity wedding or major event happening in the area, chances are Team Planet are there. Remember when Chanel’s prestigious Metiers d’Art show was held Scotland? Shh, we didn’t let you in on that secret…

Ant + Matthew's sublimely styled wedding in a coal mine

National Mining Museum

The ‘Match of the Century’ – a wedding spectacle set in a industrial coal mine. Be prepared to fall in love with Ant and Matthew’s big day. We did for sure. Everything about it from their sublime styling, to their food truck festival, is going to blow your little socks right off…

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